Get Great Landscape Lighting From Our Lighting Showrooms

Your yard is an extension of your home, so don’t forget about lighting when you are designing your outdoor oasis. Adding landscape lighting to your garden or other outdoor space will extend your living space and create a beautiful scene no matter the season. Quality landscape lighting can help with more than just exterior beauty of your property, though — it can improve the security of your property as well!

The Lighting Corner is proud to offer quality outdoor light fixtures of all types and styles to provide the perfect solution for your home or office’s needs. From illuminating pathway lights to vibrant backyard lighting displays, our lighting showrooms in Grandville and Grand Haven are sure to have the best lighting products for your plans.

Browse our landscape lighting and other high-quality lighting solutions by visiting us in person today!

Types Of Landscape Lighting

Does your home’s general design have a contemporary modern feel? Or does it seem to have a more traditional, rustic appearance? Either way, we offer our landscape lighting in an array of styles, sizes and finishes to ensure you can find something that matches both your personal taste and your budget.

Here are the types of landscape light fixtures we offer at our Lighting Corner lighting showrooms:

  • Posts and bollards
  • Accent lights
  • Deck and patio lights
  • Path and spread lights
  • Step lights
  • Well lights
  • And more!

If you need to purchase landscape lighting and have no idea where to start, don’t be afraid to request a consultation with one of our lighting specialists! You can also stop by either of our lighting showrooms in Grandville or Grand Haven at your best convenience to see our light fixtures first hand.

Key Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

So, why should you invest in landscape light fixtures? Well, there are many benefits of having these types of exterior lights installed in both your front yard and backyard — no matter your property type.

Below, we’ve provided four key benefits you’ll reap when you opt to install and/or optimize your landscape lights:

  • Personal safety. Help prevent injuries and falls and navigate your uneven pathways in the dark with landscape lights such as step lights and path lights.
  • Appearance. Of course, you can utilize lighting to make the exterior of your home or office appear more beautiful by highlighting specific architectural details or garden features.
  • Functionality. By adding light to your outdoor spaces, you’ll have the ability to use your outdoor spaces even after the sun goes down.
  • Security. Your property is less likely to be vandalized or burgled when you install landscape lighting that is turned on at night.

Browse Landscape Lighting Solutions Today

Find landscape lighting that best works for you in our lighting showrooms. Whether you’re finding light fixtures for the first time for your newly constructed home or you’re in need of a dire lighting update, our experts can connect you with your ideal solutions.

We offer our landscape lighting in an array of styles, finishes and sizes so you can find something that best suits your property.

We’re your go-to source for lighting products here at The Lighting Corner, and we only provide light fixtures from the most trusted brands and manufacturers in the nation — so you can rest assured that your lighting will last you for the long run. Visit us today to browse our landscape lights for yourself or to get assistance from a seasoned professional!