Bathroom Lighting Tips To Light Your Home With Quality Part 1

The bathrooms in your home should serve as a sort of sanctuary in addition to providing the best space for brushing your teeth, doing makeup, and so on. This space is often considered the most crucial room to illuminate properly, as failing to do so can create a host of challenges for your Michigan family. Statistics show that a large majority of falls experienced by adults occur in the bathroom. If your lavatories are not looking as good as they used to, or if you are struggling to see clearly, it could be time for new bathroom lighting. The Lighting Corner is proud to be your source for the best outdoor and indoor lighting in the Grandville and Grand Haven area, delivering quality products and lighting services to our happy customers since 1984. Our lighting showrooms are expansive enough to provide you with the inspiration needed to illuminate your home with pride.

While it can be fun to update your bathroom lighting fixtures, the sheer volume of designer lighting options available can make it difficult to find the ideal choice for your unique space. Today, we’ll discuss some basic lighting tips that can help to enhance the quality and comfort of your bathroom. When done, be sure to stop by one of our Michigan lighting showrooms to begin searching!


One of the best approaches to properly light your bathroom is to maximize the amount of natural light available. Not only will this approach provide a free source of light, it can also help to improve your mood and regulate your sleep cycle. More and more research is being done that highlights the importance of proper lighting in regards to your circadian rhythm, as sunshine helps to regulate the brain’s chemistry, while illumination from phones and other electronics can disrupt the cycle. When remodeling your bathroom, it’s often recommended to install a skylight if the budget allows. This will provide ample light even on overcast days and can help you see how you look in the outdoors.



The temperature, color, and intensity of your bathroom lighting can create the difference between a stunning space and one that simply doesn’t cut it. The bathroom is a space that requires multiple types of lighting to create a useful lighting scheme. For task lighting, such as your vanity fixtures that are used for beauty care and other healthful ventures, you should go for warmer colors. A lot of designers point toward the bright glow of daylight as the best option for your lighting, as this will give you the best look into how your makeup will look once you leave the home. Ambient lighting is best used with a dimmer, as softer lighting can help to make your bathroom feel more calm and relaxed.

Planning ahead and installing the right lighting fixtures in your bathroom can take the results of your renovations to a whole new level. Next time, we’ll continue this series by discussing more bathroom lighting tips that can improve your Michigan home. If you’re in need of expert advice and quality indoor lighting in Grandville or Grand Haven, our experts will be happy to help. The Lighting Corner is proud to offer the best services in our lighting showrooms, providing the vast inventory and experienced insight needed to inspire you. Contact us today or stop by one of our locations to find the modern lighting products you need!