Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting



At The Lighting Corner, a local lighting store in Grandville and Grand Haven, we understand the importance of exterior lighting in enhancing the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. From creating a welcoming ambiance to ensuring safety and security, the right choice of exterior lighting can transform your outdoor areas.


Types of Exterior Lighting


Tips to Choose Exterior Lighting:

  • Determine the Purpose: Before making your selection, consider the specific purpose of the lighting. Do you need it for task lighting, ambiance, or security? This will help determine the appropriate type of lighting fixtures.
  • Consider the Style: The style of your exterior lighting should complement the overall design and architecture of your home. The expert lighting designers at The Lighting Corner can help you find exterior fixtures that integrate seamlessly with your outdoor spaces.
  • Optimize Energy Efficiency: Look for lighting fixtures that are energy-efficient to minimize both environmental impact and utility costs. LED lights are a popular choice, as they consume less energy and have a longer lifespan.

Benefits of Exterior Lighting

  • Enhances Safety: A well-lit exterior helps prevent accidents by ensuring pathways, stairs, and entryways are properly illuminated. Adequate lighting also deters unwanted intruders and enhances security.
  • Extends Outdoor Living Hours: With the right exterior lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces long after the sun sets. Properly illuminated patios, decks, and gardens create a warm and inviting ambiance for gatherings and relaxation.
  • Highlights Architectural Features: Exterior lighting can draw attention to the unique architectural details of your home. By accentuating textures, shapes, and lines, you can create a visually appealing facade that stands out day and night.
  • Increases Home Value: Thoughtfully designed and well-executed exterior lighting can enhance the overall value of your property. It adds curb appeal, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Exterior Lighting Trends

Minimalist Designs: Clean lines, sleek finishes, and minimalist silhouettes are gaining popularity in exterior lighting. These understated fixtures create a modern and sophisticated look for outdoor areas.

Smart Lighting Systems: Smart technology has revolutionized outdoor lighting. With the ability to control and schedule lights remotely, your outdoor spaces can be seamlessly integrated with your daily routine for maximum convenience and energy efficiency.

Dark Sky-Friendly Lighting: Increasingly, homeowners are opting for dark sky-friendly lighting fixtures to reduce light pollution and preserve the natural beauty of the night sky. These fixtures minimize upward light and focus illumination downward.

Mixed Materials: Combining different materials, such as metal, glass, and wood, adds visual interest and texture to your outdoor lighting. Mixed material fixtures can create a unique and personalized look for your outdoor spaces.

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Choosing the right exterior lighting is crucial for creating a well-designed and functional outdoor space. At The Lighting Corner, our expert lighting designers are dedicated to providing you with the best lighting solutions. By considering the purpose, style, and energy efficiency, you can select fixtures that enhance safety, extend outdoor living hours, and showcase your home's unique features. Stay updated with the latest trends in exterior lighting, and let our team at The Lighting Corner transform your outdoor spaces into illuminated havens. Visit our store today, and discover the possibilities of outdoor lighting. You'll love the beauty you can bring to your outdoor living spaces. Get in touch today!