Creative Ideas for Your Matte Finished Fixtures

Matte finishes have been trending for a number of years, and for good reason — they look amazing in homes and really make items stand out from the crowd. The Lighting Corner offers thousands of lighting fixtures with matte finishes for your needs, including lighting and furniture. We ensure that you have exactly what you want and need, and if you are feeling overwhelmed, our lighting specialists are here to help. You can book a free lighting consultation at either of our locations in Grandville and Grand Haven. Below, we'll offer some creative ideas for your matte finished fixtures that you can incorporate into your home or office space. Stop by our lighting store, or book online today!



Most pendant lighting is small, being that they only have one light bulb. This means that you can really make a room sizzle with just this small lighting fixture in a matte finish. It will draw attention from the viewer and really make the other colors in the room stand out. If you have bright paint, your matte finished lighting fixture will evoke the ambiance even more. Pendant lighting works well in large or small spaces due to its diminutive size.



Most of us have some sort of bathroom vanity lighting, be it wall sconces or traditional lighting, that hangs over the mirror. This is a great place to incorporate a matte finished fixture. First, it's relatively easy to switch these out yourself, and here at The Lighting Corner, we have such a wide variety of matte finished fixtures specifically designed for your vanity area that you'll be able to find the perfect style for you.



One of the best things about fixtures, in general, is that they come in so many different styles. You can choose from contemporary and modern to rustic or Victorian. It's always a pleasure when you walk into a space and see an old-world fixture unexpectedly. It definitely draws attention and usually brings a smile to your face. With matte-finished fixtures, you can create an even bigger impression and transform the entire look and feel of your space immediately.



While many people are used to seeing matte finished fixtures on lighting, faucets, and hardware, one unexpected place is your mirror, whether in the bathroom, entryway, or other place in your home, such as your bedroom. Incorporated a matte finished mirror can accent the rest of the room's decor, make your mirror stand out from the crowd, and add an elegant touch that is sure to be admired and complemented on by your guests and visitors.


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