Different Types of Landscape Lighting

Part of the magic of summer is getting to stay up late, watch the stars come out, pick out constellations, and perhaps see a shooting star to wish upon. To do this, you need a nice outdoor space in order to sit comfortably, enjoy a nice cool iced tea or lemonade, and have great landscape lighting to see by.

The Lighting Corner is the best lighting store in Grandville and Grand Haven, with thousands of different types of lighting solutions to choose from, including indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and landscape lighting. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of landscape lighting so you can choose the kind that best suits your lighting needs. Visit us, and speak with a lighting designer today!


  • Path lighting. Path lighting is one of the most beautiful types of outdoor lighting solutions available. There is something just stunning and magical about following a glowing path with a new moon and only the unseen ahead with the possibility of unicorns and dragons to discover. Path lighting is one of the most popular types of landscape lighting because it does have a great function — to light pathways. This is mainly for safety reasons, but it also complements your backyard and other pathways around your home nicely. Posts and bollard lighting, both of which are offered by The Lighting Corner, offer great task lighting that can double for accent lighting as well.
  • Graze lighting. Graze lighting is often seen on a wall. Graze lighting’s purpose is to highlight the surface of the wall, step, or hedge in your yard. You can install graze lighting either near the bottom of your flat surface or near the top. Graze lighting is also seen underneath railings (another safety feature) or on benches. Graze lighting is a popular alternative to traditional flood lamps. Ask our lighting designers at Tabout our graze lighting options.
  • Moonlighting. Moonlighting takes its name from the moon, as these lights are designed to simulate the effect a full moon would have when hitting your landscape design elements. Most people install moonlighting in their trees, which highlights the trees and the surrounding vegetation. Primarily a source of ambient lighting, moonlighting is the perfect design element to add a touch of class to your outdoor space. At The Lighting Corner in Grand Haven and Grandville, our lighting designers can help you choose the perfect moonlighting for your outdoor lighting needs.
  • Up lighting. You can think of uplighting as the opposite of moonlighting. It is usually installed at the ground level and shines up. Uplighting can highlight trees, flags, signs, statues, fountains, or any other landscape elements.


The Lighting Corner has you covered for all of your lighting needs, from outdoor and landscape lighting to indoor lighting. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen and need task lighting or you are installing a cool water features and are looking for ambient lighting, we can help. Our lighting design team has years of experience helping people make their homes beautiful, both inside and out. Contact us today!