Illuminate Your Entire Home With Quality With Our Indoor Lighting Products

Modern lighting design relies on a wide range of fixtures and bulb options, allowing homeowners everywhere to create personalized outcomes with their home lighting. While the vast array designer lighting options available can get the job done, it’s essential to focus on your essential goals to create the best outcome for your Michigan home. If you’re on this post because you are seeking out the best indoor lighting solutions in the Grand Haven or Grandville area, The Lighting Corner is here to help. Since 1984, our expansive lighting showrooms have provided the best guidance for all of our happy customers. We have the inventory and expertise to light up your path for success!

Illuminate your entire home with quality with our indoor lighting products

Quality is our keyword for every room in your home when it comes to indoor lighting. Today, we’ll overview a few quick tips to give you an idea of how each room requires its own unique lighting scheme. If you’re ready to improve your Michigan home, be sure to stop by own of our lighting showrooms today!

  • Living Room – Be sure to light your room in a way that does not create glare. Too much illumination from your designer lighting can create a lot of strain on the eyes. Be sure to invest in recessed lighting fixtures to create a balance for your ambient lighting needs.
  • Bedrooms – Focus on relaxation and comfort when finding your bedroom lighting products. Table lamps and dimmer switches go a long way in setting the mood for your sanctuary.
  • Bathrooms – This space often relies on side-mounted fixtures to reduce shadows while avoiding glare. Your bathroom is home to all of your beauty procedures, making it important to be strategic in your placements. Be sure you plan your bathroom lighting perfectly for the best results!
  • Hallways – Space your hallway lighting fixtures out to ensure uniform illumination and balance. Sconces and hanging lights can provide beauty in addition to added layers of lighting.
  • Kitchen – Focus on general lighting as well as task-specific lighting for the best outcome. Kitchen lighting relies on illumination for numerous activities, so be sure to incorporate balance with our indoor lighting experts!
  • Dining Room – Your dining area will likely benefit from versatile designer lighting options. Our lighting showroom has the design solutions, dimmer switches, and modern chandeliers you need to transform your space.
  • Stairways – Be sure to incorporate accent lighting elements here, as optimal light is needed for safe passage. Now would also be a good time to focus on highlighting your art and family photos along the stairs!
  • Office – Your study can benefit from specific lighting fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and more. Be sure to balance your lighting correctly to prevent eye strain, while also avoiding screen glare.
  • Each room in your Michigan home holds a unique purpose, and it must have a lighting scheme to match for the best results. If you’re ready to improve your home’s indoor lighting in the Grand Haven and Grandville area, our staff is here and happy to help. The Lighting Corner is here to deliver quality solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes. Visit one of our lighting showrooms in Grandville or Grand Haven or contact us today to begin your whole-house lighting project!