Indoor Lighting Tips To Illuminate Your Home Part 1

When it comes to your home’s interior lighting, there are a lot of considerations and style options to consider before heading out and purchasing the appropriate lighting fixtures. Modern lighting consists of thousands of styles and options for homeowners nationwide, which can be intimidating for citizens who are new to the process. Purchasing quality designer lighting for your home can make the difference between a beautiful display and an illumination nightmare. The Lighting Corner is proud to be a supplier of the best indoor lighting in Grand Haven and Grandville, delivering quality solutions to West Michigan residents for more than three decades. Our lighting showrooms ensure that you’re never far from affordable products and professional advice.

There are many approaches that you can take when planning your interior lighting project. Today, we’ll look at a few indoor lighting tips that may prove helpful for optimizing your outcome. When you’re ready, be sure to stop by one of our comprehensive showrooms to get started!

Balancing Your Lighting Elements

A good way to start is to learn about the importance of layering your illumination throughout the house. While there is no go-to approach, it’s best to utilize at least two of the three main types of interior lighting:

  • Ambient lighting is the building block for properly lighting each room in your house. Also known as general lighting, this style provides the subtle, overall illumination that you need to see. Hanging light fixtures and other overhead options are commonly used here, as the purpose of ambient lighting is to illuminate as much of the room as possible. No matter what plan you have for how to light up your home, this vital piece of the puzzle is a good place to start.
  • Accent lighting is useful for “accenting” features in the home that you would prefer to spotlight. Artwork, for example, can benefit from perfectly placed accent lighting. This style is also useful for reaching those areas that are not covering by your ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting is primarily used to light work surfaces for residents with the goal of providing enough illumination to get the job done in a convenient manner. Whether you’re reading in the study or cooking in the kitchen, task lighting is an essential part of the light balance.

Planning Ahead

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to your home lighting project, our experts are here to help prevent a pound of headaches! While many homeowners rush in to find the lighting fixtures that speak to them, it is generally recommended that you plan your project before hitting the showroom floor. Be sure to walk your home and inspect your needs for each room. While the living room may sorely need accent lighting to properly illuminate the entire space, the office may require multiple fixtures for task lighting to designate multiple spaces to get work done. In any case, planning ahead can pay off when compared to those who run into the project blindly. Our comprehensive lighting showrooms are available to help you pick out the perfect products to match your plans.


Living Rooms

The living room is probably where you spend a majority of your leisure time. As such, it’s important to utilize proper planning to ensure that the recreation area is perfectly lit. One solid approach is to ensure that your living room does not have shadows being cast in any direction. Start by placing a lighting fixture in three of the corners of the room, balancing between ambient and accent lighting elements to create a nice balance. Pendant lighting and other options can work in tandem to layer your illumination to create a glow that is not blinding, yet delivers enough light to optimize visibility. If you have a fireplace, you can create a dramatic effect by installing wall lights such as sconces on either side. This will help to create a balanced lighting effect while making the fireplace a focal point.

When it comes to outfitting your home with the perfect balance of lighting fixtures, it’s important to consider the many factors that can affect the end result. Next time, we’ll continue on this topic by discussing a few basic interior lighting tips for more rooms in the home. Anyone in need of indoor lighting in the Grand Haven and Grandville area can benefit from shopping at one of our two showrooms in Michigan. The Lighting Corner is proud to offer quality products and expert advice to help customers craft the perfect outcome for their unique styles. Contact us today to learn more or stop by our store to get started!