Indoor Lighting Tips To Illuminate Your Home Part 2

Refitting your home with modern light fixtures and new stylish trends can be a very exciting experience. With so many options and elements to consider, it’s important to take a measured approach in order to maximize the outcome while avoiding unnecessary errors. It pays to utilize expert advice and quality designer lighting products, both of which our company offers! The Lighting Corner is proud to provide top-notch indoor lighting to Grandville and Grand Haven residents and beyond, delivering knowledgeable advice and guidance to help you benefit the most from your home renovation project. Since 1984, our lighting showrooms in Grandville and Grand Haven have delivered the best solutions in the business to our Michigan customers.

Planning ahead and putting in the proper efforts can help to take your lighting project to the next level. Today, we’ll continue to look at interior lighting tips that may prove useful in every room in your home. When you’re ready, be sure to stop by our quality showroom to get started!



The versatility of your kitchen equates to a complex combination of ambient and task lighting that, when done right, provides the perfect illumination for nearly all activities. The kitchen also holds numerous places upon which to place your lighting, whether it be wall lights, hanging light fixtures, or recessed options above counters. Under-cabinet lighting is also handy due to how little space it occupies. It’s important to make sure you are utilizing an adequate amount of overhead lighting and pairing it with lower sources to keep everything lit properly. The Lighting Corner’s experts are here to help you with your kitchen lighting every step of the way!


The purpose of your bedroom lighting is to illuminate the area safely while also offering a feeling of serenity. You will have many fixture options at your disposal here, including wall sconces and lamps to boost your ambient lighting. It helps to provide task lighting that is not directly pointed at the bed, which can consist of a wall light or simple table lamp. The key here is to avoid overdoing it and creating chaos in your sanctuary.


The standard approach for bathroom lighting consists of placing a vanity light above the mirror to provide adequate lighting for all of the tasks you need to complete. Modern lighting has paved the way for new approaches, such as installing wall sconces on either side of the mirror to provide more versatility in regards to ambient/task lighting. It’s important to choose the perfect lighting option for your mirror, but be sure to take the overhead light into consideration. If you are using fixtures that are far too bright, the result is an excess of light that can wash out the details of your face, eliminating one of the sole purposes of having a mirror to begin with. Larger restrooms can also benefit from having a recessed light installed in the shower, improving illumination and safety.



Your office is a place of work, and should, therefore, hold adequate amounts of task lighting to help with reading and writing tasks. Wall sconces can be utilized for certain styles, and a ceiling fan can help to provide comfort as well as illumination. As always, desk lamps are recommended here to provide more affordable lighting solutions for your workspace.

Planning your interior lighting project can help to create an end result that is beautiful and dynamic. Since 1984, The Lighting Corner has proudly helped residents with indoor lighting in the Grandville and Grand Haven area. Our knowledgeable staff are friendly, helpful, and ready to assist you throughout your project. Contact us today to learn more or stop by one of our lighting showrooms to get started!