More Types of Ceiling Fans

When you want a superior product, you seek out the experts. Instead of just buying a ceiling fan on the internet or at your local hardware store where you really have no clue what you are buying, come to The Lighting Corner Grandville and Grand Haven instead. We offer a wide variety of ceiling fans to meet your needs, from contemporary designer ceiling fans to wet ceiling fans. Many of us rely on our ceiling fans to help cut costs in the summer and to help us stay cool. Our lighting specialists can give you the best guidance based on your style preference and your space on which ceiling fan will make the best fit. Below, we’ll review more types of ceiling fans. Visit our lighting showroom today!


  • Damp and wet ceiling fans. No, this does not mean that your ceiling fan is damp or wet. The name refers to the conditions that these ceiling fans are designed to withstand: damp, wet, or humid conditions. Hence, most of these modern ceiling fans are installed outdoors where the elements are an issue. These ceiling fans are constructed out of water-resistant materials and are highly durable, all-weather blades. There are slight differences between the two. Wet fans are completely waterproof, so these guys can be placed in a location where it may be hit by water, most likely rain. Damp ceiling fans are just that — ceiling fans designed to withstand dampness, not complete wetness. Damp ceiling fans are ideal for porches. Wet ceiling fans are designed for more open spaces, such as a pergola. Like other types of ceiling fans, both the wet and the damp ceiling fan come in many colors, styles, and finishes.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans. Very similar to damp and wet ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans are not as durable. Outdoor ceiling fans are meant to be installed in areas fully protected from the elements, such as an enclosed porch, a deck, or a patio. Since most modern ceiling fans come with a light, ceiling fans add nice ambient lighting for all your outdoor gatherings. The options are unlimited with outdoor ceiling fans, from contemporary design or a more rustic look to customized blades or an LED light. The Lighting Corner notes that outdoor ceiling fans can make your outdoor space as cozy as your indoor space.
  • Commercial ceiling fans. Made for the express use by businesses to improve airflow, which is important when hundreds of people are gathered under one roof. Commercial ceiling fans are made out of heavy-duty material since most are run 24/7, both during the summer and in the reverse direction during the winter. This is crucial to help keep utility bills low for businesses.


Designer ceiling fans add value to your home, add comfort and style, and add light while saving you money on utility bills. Contact our lighting specialists at The Lighting Corner today for your designer ceiling fan consultation!