Outdoor Lighting Tips From Your Lighting Store Part 1

Summertime is here, inspiring many Michigan homeowners to roll up their sleeves and get out in the garden. Exterior updates to your home can be both beautiful and convenient, providing increased values while also enhancing your family’s recreation time. It’s important for residents to show off the results of their hard work, and that is where exterior lighting can prove very beneficial. The Lighting Corner is here to help you find the best solutions for your yard’s unique needs. Since 1984, our lighting showrooms have combined the best service to match our outdoor lighting products in the Grandville and Grand Haven area, delivering amazing results that are tailored to fit your style as perfectly as your budget.

Our modern lighting company relies on decades of experience to provide the best outcomes in an ever-changing industry. If you’re about to start your outdoor lighting project but are unsure where to begin, read below to catch up on some overview tips. When you are ready to get started, be sure to stop by one of our expansive lighting showrooms to begin planning your project!


Measuring twice and cutting once is one adage that can be useful in many industries. When it comes to lighting your backyard, having a cohesive plan in place will help to avoid frustrating errors and costly setbacks. Many homeowners become caught up in the excitement of shopping for the perfect outdoor fixtures, failing to plan their full project before breaking ground. We recommend setting a budget, determining a theme or general look you want to achieve, and sketching out your idea to better grasp what is required for the best results. Our lighting experts can help you during this design phase, working with you to create an ideal outcome that provides the most benefits for your home’s outdoors.



Measuring your outdoor space will help a lot in determining your budget and necessary supplies. One number to calculate is the total amount of lighting needed to illuminate your area. Many people rely on the 1-1.5 rule. Basically, it takes 1.5 watts to properly illuminate 1 square foot of space. Measuring the dimensions of your planned project sites will help to give you a sum to work with to ensure that you achieve the correct balance. Too much illumination can result in light pollution, disrupting the night’s quality for your guests and neighbors. Too little outdoor light can be both a safety and a security hazard. Remember that a number of factors, such as reflective surfaces and local ordinances, may affect the outcome of your project.

The Lighting Corner is here to help you create amazing outcomes for your outdoor lighting, and part of that process involves doing the math to ensure that your space is both balanced and layered.


Balance is the key to success for all of your modern lighting projects, from the guest bathroom to the sandpit and bar in the backyard. Layering your lighting helps to create a seamless blend that provides optimal illumination and convenience for a variety of activities. You can utilize many different outdoor light fixtures to deliver the perfect level of lighting for your goals, including:

  • Ambient lighting is essential for outdoor recreation, as light is required for nearly any activity. Wall lights, hanging lights, and other exterior fixtures are all ideal for setting the mood of your outdoor space. Landscape lighting can also be used in combination with ambient lighting to create illumination where you need it while saving on energy costs where it isn’t needed.
  • Task lighting is not as common in outdoor lighting applications, but can be useful nonetheless. Deck lights, security lights, and other outdoor light fixtures are all useful in providing the illumination you need to accomplish a variety of tasks.
  • Accent lighting can enhance the quality of your landscaping. Backyard lighting comes in a range of styles and sizes to give homeowners full control in deciding how they want to spotlight the unique features on their property. Outdoor LED lighting can be useful in the form of candles, spotlights, string lights, and so on.

Outdoor lighting provides the illumination we need to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and practical manner. Failing to properly install your landscape lighting can result in serious concerns! Next time, we’ll continue this post by discussing the physical requirements of an exterior lighting project, including the dimensions of your fixtures and the security considerations involved with nighttime illumination. The Lighting Corner is proud to provide quality support and solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting across the area. Our fully stocked lighting showrooms in Grand Haven and Grandville are open seven days a week to provide you with expert advice and quality products. Contact us today to learn more or stop by to begin planning your outdoor lighting project!