Previewing The Benefits Of LED Indoor Lighting For Your Home Part 1

Today’s technology has come a long way since the light bulb was introduced in 1879. Over the decades, we have worked to create more powerful, less wasteful products to optimize efficiency and reduce our footprint on the environment. Today’s lighting stores will illuminate this improvement with a plethora of bulb options for you to choose from. Large inventories of options may make choosing the right bulb for your home lighting a challenge. The Lighting Corner is proud to offer the supplies and advice needed in Michigan, providing the best indoor lighting to Grand Haven, Grandville, and beyond. Our comprehensive lighting showrooms in Grandville and Grand Haven have the right products at the right price, delivering results to match every taste and budget.

Finding the right bulb for our designer lighting fixtures can make or break your home renovations. Today, we’ll preview a few of the many benefits associated with LED lighting when compared to standard bulbs. If you’re in need of home lighting advice, be sure to stop by our showroom or contact us today for assistance!Planning ahead and putting in the proper efforts can help to take your lighting project to the next level. Today, we’ll continue to look at interior lighting tips that may prove useful in every room in your home. When you’re ready, be sure to stop by our quality showroom to get started!


Also known as LEDs, these solid light bulbs aim to provide the best of all worlds for illumination purposes. When compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs hold numerous advantages. Read on to see why these bulbs, while slightly more costly up front, are a much better choice for your residential lighting needs.


Incandescent bulbs relied on the wattage supply to determine their overall brightness. If your 40-watt bulb is not bright enough for an application, you can simply double down and buy an 80-watt device to get the job done. Unfortunately, this wattage increase directly correlates to energy usage. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are able to deliver more illumination with much less energy needed. In fact, light emitting diode bulbs require up to 90 percent less power to provide the same results. When you consider the big picture of every consumer using LED bulbs, the end result will be an energy demand for bulbs that is a tenth of what it used to be. This can have a major impact on our ecological footprint!



As stated previously, LED bulbs do cost more at checkout. This fact is a driving force behind why incandescent bulbs are still popular today. Simple math at this stage will help you to understand why LEDs are much more preferable:

  • Incandescent bulbs last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. If you use this bulb eight hours a day assuming it lasts 2,000 hours, you will need to replace that bulb every 250 days.

    LED bulbs are rated to last up to 60,000 hours. At eight hours a day in usage, this one bulb will last 7,500 days. That’s just over 2 decades of longevity!

  • LED bulbs are rated to last about 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs. When you compare the price of one of these modern lighting options to buying 133 standard bulbs, it’s easy to see why investing in the more expensive option is actually much more economical. When combined with the 90 percent in energy savings, it’s easy to see why this choice is such a no-brainer!

LED light bulbs represent the benefits of our modern technology. Next time, we’ll continue on this topic by discussing the safety benefits and environmental impact that these bulbs provide. Since 1984, The Lighting Corner has worked diligently to provide the best outdoor and indoor lighting to Grandville and Grand Haven residents and beyond. Our friendly, informative staff and comprehensive lighting showrooms are sure to provide the assistance you need to optimize the results of your project. Contact us today for assistance or be sure to stop by our showrooms in Grand Haven and Grandville!