The Low-Down on Garden Lights

Spring is in the air, and with spring comes the growing season. Hearty gardeners are buying seeds, planning where to plant what, and perhaps even doing some preliminary tilling of the soil in anticipation of planting time. But did you know you can light your garden as well? Garden lights will add another outdoor space for you to enjoy at night, and trust us, your vegetables will look tastier in the night lighting. The Lighting Corner in Grand Haven and Grandville offers up garden lights to highlight the fruits of your efforts at night. Below, we’ll review garden light options. Contact us today!


  • Garden spike lights. Garden spike lights are mounted on spikes and are easy to move for the most versatility in garden lighting. Solar lighting options for garden spike lights are not only good for the environment since they use no electricity, but are also practical and not dependent upon outlet availability. Battery varieties and plug-in varieties of garden spike lights are also available.
  • Garden bollard lights. Garden bollard lights resemble miniature street lamps, and many function as such with the ability to distribute light 360 degrees. This light will open up your outdoor space and make your garden appear larger than it actually is. These lights are frequently used to light the path to your garden.
  • Outdoor spotlights. Available in solar, battery, and main lighting, outdoor spotlights can be mounted in trees to shine down or placed on ground level to shine up. These lights illuminate large areas, so determine how much brightness and highlights you want for your garden lighting ahead of time.
  • Garden wall lights. Decorative by nature and mostly main lighting options, garden wall lights will soften your outdoor lighting and set a romantic, nostalgic mood.
  • In-ground lights. In-ground lights are basically spotlights but sunk into the ground. These garden lights are popular because they are not a hindrance to lawn care and maintenance and are hidden when installed. In-ground lights can be used to light pathways and also are great to use to light your outdoor water feature as well.

Gardens are a labor of love. There is something inherently satisfying in eating food you’ve grown yourself. Cultivating, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, and watching your garden grows is akin to raising children — all that hard work is worth it at the end of the day when you see your hard work come to fruition.

The Lighting Corner offers garden lighting as well as landscape lighting to meet your outdoor lighting needs. Choose from a wide variety of styles to create your perfect outdoor backyard to spend long summer nights with family and friends. We offer home accessories as well that would be perfect for your outdoor patio furniture. If you need creative outdoor lighting or indoor lighting ideas, visit our lighting showrooms in Grandville and Grand Haven, and talk with our marvelous designer lighting experts who can recommend the best lighting solution for your space. Contact The Lighting Corner today!