Tips to Have the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Bathrooms have become focal points of our homes, and they can even make or break a home sale. People want bathrooms that invite them in to relax, repose, and recharge. In sum, they want a bathroom that meets their every need, want and desire. The Lighting Corner is a lighting store with locations in Grandville and Grand Haven, Michigan. Our mission is to offer the best outdoor and indoor lighting, including bathroom lighting to our customers. Below, we’ll offer tips on how to have the bathroom of your dreams. Stop by, or browse our lighting selection online today!



Bathroom lighting can make or break your bathroom experience, which many homeowners don't realize when they are designing their bathrooms. Without the proper lighting, your bathroom can have annoying shadows, be dark and, therefore, feel dingy, and can give off bad vibes altogether. With so many decorative lighting options, the sky's the limit. Choose from intricate wall sconces to simplistic mini chandeliers. If you need assistance, reach out to one of our exceptional lighting designers for advice today.



No matter how clean your bathroom is, if there are a lot of items lying about in sight (and even some haphazardly), your bathroom will look unkempt and cluttered. Thus, you'll need to consider adding storage options, even if it's just a portable cabinet or a towel rack. Your mind will benefit, too, as studies have repeatedly shown that clutter raises our stress levels, affects our ability to focus, and can even impact our sleep.



You are the primary user of your bathroom, so you should design it for your uses and needs. By adding in personal touches, you'll create a space that speaks to you and gives you exactly what you need when you need it. From personalized artwork and decor to beautiful towels, rugs, and paint color, these little touches will go a long way in your bathroom design. Check out The Lighting Corners' beautiful home accent pieces to personalize your bathroom today.



One of the main reasons that people invest in a bathroom remodel is because it doesn't suit their needs. Perhaps, you are always rubbing elbows with your partner in the mornings, or the space is so tiny you feel claustrophobic. Thus, remember that above all else you need to put function first. From installing a second sink if need be to constructing a separate vanity area for personal grooming needs, no one will be happy if your bathroom does not fit. Consider a bathroom remodel, including a different bathroom layout, if need be.


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