Now that our holiday season is coming to a close, what should we do with all the holiday decorations we invested in? Merely take them down after only one month of being up? That doesn’t seem very practical.

Well, we don’t know what to tell you about your advent calendar or the inflatable Santa Claus in your front yard, but we have a few tips on how you can reuse your holiday indoor lighting for your home heading into any New Years Eve celebrations, which you’ll learn more about in this blog post.

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Continue reading below for our list of five ways you can reuse your holiday lights for an upcoming New Years Eve party.

1. Use indoor lights to accent simple items as decoration.

If you have smaller holiday lights to reuse, we suggest taking clean glass bottles (used for champagne, wine, etc.) and wrapping lights around them. These make for excellent, festive centerpiece decorations for your New Years Eve party.

2. Use them as a part of your DIY photo booth.

Simply set up a camera, a backdrop and some fun props, and voila! You have a homemade photo booth.

Add your holiday string lights to this photo booth to create a fun, beautiful lighting effect for your guests.

3. Hang string indoor lights in your main gathering spaces.

Hang your holiday lights in the main gathering spaces of your home. For example, you can hang them over any seating areas or buffet tables to have a subtle lighting that makes for the perfect atmosphere for celebrating the new year.

4. Transform your Christmas tree into a New Years Eve tree.

Still have some life left in your Christmas tree? Keep the lights on it, and simply swap out any Christmas-themed ornaments with silver and gold accents, ranging from ribbons to party favors.

5. Outline doors with your holiday indoor lights.

New Years Eve parties are supposed to be over-the-top and flashy, why not outline the main entryways and doorways in your home with a string of holiday indoor lights? This is also an easy way to show your guests the areas of your home they’re welcome to use.  

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