When you mention the word “lantern,” many people envision a person from the 17th or 18th century, walking around late at night with a light that is enclosed by a cage with glass. Or they think of the old oil lanterns that people used to use when whale oil was the primary source of lighting in the world. However, modern lanterns keep this same old school appeal, just with a contemporary touch.

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A lantern is a portable light with the same basic design features. A lantern has a protective case that surrounds the light source, either a candle or an electric light bulb in modern times with a handle for carrying. A lantern can also be fixed in place. The case is meant to ensure the light did not get blown out by the wind when using it outdoors. Lanterns were first mentioned in writing by the ancient Greeks, but there is evidence that they existed in ancient Egypt and China centuries before. Lanterns were made out of many different kinds of materials, from metal to wood and even paper in China, and served a primarily functional purpose.


Lanterns first used wood as their light source, and then progressed to candles, whale oil, gas, and then kerosene. Lanterns today are mainly found with a battery light source or an electrical light source. Some even have solar cells or are attached to generators. Portable lanterns today are mainly used while camping or for emergencies.


Many homes, businesses, and churches use lanterns not only as a source of light, but also for decorative purposes. The Lighting Corner in Jenison offers hundreds of different styles of lanterns for your home or business. Many are suspended from a chain and hung from the ceiling, featuring usually a number of light sources. Some are enclosed, and some have just kept the metal wiring. Lanterns are popular types of wall lights as well, found anywhere from the outside of your driveway and front porch to serving as task lighting next to your bed. Lanterns make great accent pieces, as well as provide accent lighting, since their overall look is classic.


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