Previewing The Benefits Of LED Indoor Lighting For Your Home Part 2

Illuminating your home is a vital part of any renovation scheme. Whereas most products that are high in quality cost an arm and a leg, LED lighting provides substantial improvements over traditional bulbs with very little up front costs. The Lighting Corner is proud to be your go-to lighting company in Michigan. Our lighting showrooms in Grandville and Grand Haven are stocked with the best inventory and most knowledgeable staff in the industry. Since 1984, we’ve worked to provide top-notch outdoor and indoor lighting to Grandville, Grand Haven, and beyond. With over 100 years of combined experience, we’re ready to help you!

One aspect that can make or break your lighting scheme is the type and brightness of the bulb being used. Today, we’ll continue to look at the benefits of LED lighting and how it can optimize your space. Be sure to stop by one of our lighting showrooms when finished to receive the best support for your upcoming project!


LEDs are also a great choice when compared to fluorescent bulbs. For one, LED bulbs provide clear and instant illumination once the switch is flipped. Fluorescents, on the other hand, take time to warm up before reaching full light potential. LEDs are also a solid light source, meaning that they do not flicker or wane like their fluorescent counterparts.


The Lighting Corner places a high emphasis on safety, and these bulbs happen to boast one of the best safety records out there. Incandescent bulbs are inherently dangerous, producing a large amount of heat that can burn your skin and create a risk for flammable objects in close proximity. LED lights produce on average about 3.4 British Thermal Units per hour. Incandescent bulbs, which expels their energy consumption via heat, crank out roughly 85 BTUs per hour. Incandescents also give off a large amount of infrared (IR) heat. Less than 10 percent of the light emitted by traditional bulbs is turned into visible light. LEDs, on the other hand, have been engineered to minimize infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

The dramatic difference in heat expulsion here makes it an understatement to say that LED bulbs are safer. With dramatically less heat, these lights are better suited than incandescents for general safety, especially when young children are in the mix. The potential fire dangers of LEDs are minimal, helping you to achieve peace of mind when leaving a light on for guests or to keep your pet comforted.



In addition to saving big in energy consumption, LED bulbs are also very eco-friendly. While this phrase is stamped on nearly every product to boost sales, LEDs are now 100 percent recyclable. While fluorescent bulbs have their unique advantages, their use of mercury makes the bulb a hazard to both people and the environment.

When you consider how rarely you’ll be replacing bulbs, it becomes even more clear how much better for our planet LED bulbs really are. One LED product is equivalent to roughly 25 incandescent bulbs in terms of material and labor costs, equating to major energy savings for the individual. From a national standpoint, LEDs can prove to be a huge factor in reducing our carbon footprint.

Adding up all of the benefits of LED lighting should help consumers to realize how cost-effective this light bulb really is. While fully loaded with awesome benefits, LED bulbs are not the catch-all answer for every situation. The Lighting Corner is here to be your source for quality indoor lighting, providing the products and solutions you need to help your home shine. Our fully stocked lighting showrooms in Grandville and Grand Haven provide the support you need for any lighting application. Our designer lighting brands have the quality and attractive price tag to meet your high expectations. Browse our online catalog here or stop by our showroom today for assistance!