As a Michigan homeowner, you probably have a few complaints about the quality or convenience of your home lighting. Each space holds its own unique requirements and challenges. When combined with the sheer volume of lighting fixtures available today, finding the right lighting for your home can become overwhelming for many shoppers. It’s important for you to find a lighting store with the products and professionalism needed to create an amazing outcome for your unique needs. Since 1984, The Lighting Corner has proudly provided quality indoor lighting to Grandville and Grand Haven homes and beyond. Our expansive lighting showrooms ensure that quality help is always close for your home lighting needs.

Today, we’ll continue to discuss bathroom lighting tips to help you create the best outcome for your space. When finished, be sure to stop by one of our lighting showrooms to begin planning your renovations!

Fixture Placement is Key

Where you place your lighting fixtures will play a major role in the overall aesthetics and convenience of your bathroom lighting. Too many overhead cans, for example, can result in a ceiling the looks more pockmarked than professional!

Focus on Your Vanity

As the location for your beauty needs, the vanity should be a focal point for much of your lighting. It’s important to avoid direct overhead lighting, which can create unwanted shadows. Sconces and other wall mounts can be helpful for eliminating shadows and providing direct lighting for your facial care routine.

Tub Lighting Concerns

It’s important to be able to see while bathing, but remember that building codes are very strict about tub lighting. Tubs can benefit from overhead lighting, but remember that hanging fixtures and open lighting are both forbidden eight feet above or within three feet of the tub. Homeowners should keep an eye out for products that are “wet-location” specific. One smart approach is to focus on natural lighting to minimize safety concerns and increase the relaxing comfort for your bathtime.

Ambient Lighting for Nighttime Needs

Midnight trips to the bathroom are normal, making it a smart it idea install modern lighting fixtures that provide the perfect level of illumination. Your eyes will likely be used to near-darkness, making it important to provide a light source with very few footcandles. Low-wattage options are the best choice, with many products providing light all night long or when motion is detected.

Don’t Forget About LEDs

The durability and efficiency of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has quickly made it a top choice for modern applications. Homeowners can benefit from the longevity of LED lights, as a single bulb can last more than a decade! LED bulbs also produce very little heat, making this option much safer than incandescent lighting. Designer lighting experts also utilize this technology because LED lighting is warmer than ever before, creating comfort and uniformity when combined with older bulbs.

As your Top Rated Local® lighting company in Michigan, The Lighting Corner is here to help you create the best outcome for your place. Our bathroom lighting experts are here and ready to get to work. Our expansive lighting showrooms in Grand Haven and Grandville are here to provide the best outdoor and indoor lighting. Contact us to learn more or stop by one of our locations today!